StoriesOut - Week#1

In case you'd ask yourself how it looks like when you create your company.

The following items are a digest of what happened this week :
  • 1 product launched (Kwaga BirdsEye and some very impressive clippings on TechCrunch, Silicon Alley Insider, Jean-Marie Gall's blog, ...)
  • 5 meetings with prospective customers
  • 2 meetings with actual customers
  • 1st sales proposal created and sent (panic!)
  • 2 impressive business meet-ups attended (Cafe du eCommerce and TechCrunch Paris)
  • 3 missed lunchs (Hadn't been told creating your own company was a VERY efficient diet)
  • zillions of great people met IRL: @pegobry @mounir2012 @moumsinette @mikebutcher @roxannevarza (TechCrunch France is re-launched! Yay!) @laurentk @bjonathan @cgiorgi @pictarine @hypios @allmyapps @qameha ...
  • and all the usual suspects: Hughes and Pascale from the incubator, @kwagaproduct @PhilippeLaval @MichelRacat @dealmeeting @TeamKadeal @leezamstrories @wwipolo @coletteballou ...
  • +100 tweets
  • 6 check-ins on foursquare

And last but not least: I received my NexusOne!

Now, question is: how to keep this level of intensity?

'Cos truth is: I just LOOOOOVED it !

How was your week#1?


Last Day at Nuxeo - Here comes StoriesOut!

Hi all,

Today is my last day at Nuxeo. I'm leaving this great company to create my own: "StoriesOut".

StoriesOut proposes communication services to innovating IT companies, both startups and more established ones:
  • PR and press management
  • Communication Strategies for Communities (customers, internal communication, online social communities)
  • Communication Coaching
I'm delighted to announce StoriesOut's two first customers: Nuxeo and Kwaga !

From Monday 22nd, you'll be able to reach me at:
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


Ground Control to Major Tom, Commencing countdown, Engines On

6 days to go for a brand new adventure to start (hence the attached pic).

I'll be leaving the comfort of the employee position on March 19th to start StoriesOut, my own company the following Monday.

StoriesOut will be about Social Media, Marketing, PR and Communication services & coaching, primarily to exciting innovating IT startups and incubators. The baseline is "Let's write your story".

Huge excitement and stress.

The past few years have been tremendous. I've learned a lot, discovered even more and met stunning people.

I can't say there's been only one trigger for this shift, probably more the addition of experiences and thoughts. I've been fascinated by the energy of the entrepreneurs I've met. By technology and its ability to disrupt and change any "established" market. By the speed of high tech market and the actual real time assessments, decision-making and measurement.

I felt it was time for me to tell those stories and to create my own.

I can't wait to say more about StoriesOut!

Stay tuned.