The curious blossoming of 2.0

Yesterday, I spoke to my lawyer.

Great guy, funny and pretty smart.

He was supposed to send me an email a couple of days ago, but I hadn't received it and therefore I called.

He explained that the reason why I hadn't got it, was because his assistant wasn't working on Wednesdays.

That puzzled me. Didn't get the link between "not sending me the email" and "my assistant is off on Wednesdays".

Understanding that his explanation didn't bring any light, he added: "well, I did dictate the email but she probably hadn't enough time to listen to the tape on tuesday".


He dictates his emails.
On a small tape recorder.

Left me speechless.

Marketing moral: when working in a technology company, be it a start-up or a maturer innovative company, one shouldn't forget how immersed in technology we are, how much we love it and how most our counterparts are very much less in it. Forgetting this simple fact can annihilate the most brilliant marketing strategy we can come up with.
Even our most adventurous early-bird customer is probably not as "geek" as we are. Not to mention the more conservative ones.

Later that very same day, one of my beloved teens called me "Hey Mum, just received an hilarious text on my mobile", she said and explained: "it said do u wanna date me? answer quick. And you know what? I didn't recognize the phone number - I had to text back who R U!"

Yeah, 2.0 is oddly blossoming... :-)


Done - AFG wins Procrastination 1 to 0 (actually 42 to 0)

Right - Here we go.

It's been ages since I 've been thinking of my own blog.

But you know, it always ends to the inextricable questions:
- personal stuff vs. business matters
- written in English or Klingon
- whining or moaning
- sincere or bogus

well, usual false self excuses.

So now, here we go.

Why did I - finally - make it ?

Because I have few challenges in my life that are worth writing about:

A - living with a serial entrepreneur currently launching an online service that stands as NEXT MAJOR shift in email management - both for business and individuals

B - living with geeks: I'm surrounded by them and I don't surrender - I believe I love it - Anyway, I might as well give you precious hints on "how-to-live-with-them" and even on "how-to-become-one-yourself"

C - working with geeks - see above. Tricky part: on the average, they are 15-year younger than me.

D - being a marketing and communication expert in a highly technical and innovating company. Which has basically turned me into a mobile computer-to-human translator, able to explain any wonderful technical masterpieces into solid-down-to-the-earth answers to critical business needs. I love it too. And I've been doing it for quite a while now :-)

E - last but not least, being the mother of a wide tribe of fabulous teenagers.

F - and finding time to play music, see concerts, watch movies, read books... yeah ok, just the regular super-woman stuff.

I hope you'll enjoy reading as much as I'll enjoy writing.